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I finally have been able to start and continue an exercise program by doing it before work in my company's workout facility. They have some state of the art stuff and showers (which my co-workers appreciate). I have committed to 6 months after which I will look at my condition--blood work, weight, condition, tone, etc.--and then decide if it is worth it. It will be.

Here is my dilemma:

I started this program after years of relative inactivity. I began 5 day workouts doing 20-30 minutes of moderate to heavy cardio on the treadmill and/or bike. On M-W-F I also do a complete weight circuit on the nautilus machines and also do some limited free weights.

Initially, I had some pain in my shins that I attributed to the fact that my muscles were incorrectly balanced. I fought through that and my muscles are better there.

I like to do the interval program on the treadmill (run then walk run then walk) at a peak speed of 6 mph then 3.7 mph during the slow sequences. I intend to begin running during some of the slow sequences and ultimately end up running for the entire program.

I may have caused and injury by doing too great of an incline. I did this program on a 5% incline two weeks ago and paid for it later in the day. My lower legs felt like someone stretched rubber bands from my knee to ankle and were popping them. Sort of a continuous, searing, burning pain that generally goes away except for when I am jogging or climbing stairs. The pain is in the back side of the calf muscle where it attaches to the ankle area on the inside area.

I need to increase my cardio to further weight loss but cannot because of my legs. My heart and lungs are screaming for a better workout but my legs will not allow it.

Any ideas? Should I take a week off or maybe do the bike for a couple of weeks until this heals? Fight through it the best I can? Maybe just do a walking program on the treadmill for a while to condition this area and slowly increase it?

Thanks for any ideas,

p.s. I lost about 10 pounds already. However, I have really toned muscles in my shoulders and back and chest along with my arms and legs. My man breasts are almost gone! So I must have added a lot of muscle and therefore lost much more fat weight than that indicates. I just gotta get some more cardio to loose this gut and the layer of fat surrounding everything.

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