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In my opinion you should stop the fad diets. They are probably what's causing the irregularity as well as your lack of progress. You need to get a good life-long eating routine as well as a good workout routine.
Eat a balanced diet with good amounts of protein, complex carbs and fats. No gimmicks or fads, please. None are needed, just eat smaller portions of your favorite things and exercise a lot. That's the secret of being and STAYING slim instead of having a yo-yo weight. I am close to your height, also have a small bone structure and weigh about 112 pounds. I used to weigh 105 but I was actually fatter than I am now!!! I started working out with weights (heavy weights) and while I lost fat pounds, I gained muscle pounds. So even though I weigh more now I look MUCH slimmer and wear size 0-2 in clothes. The moral here? Do not be afraid of gaining muscle mass. It makes you look firmer and thinner. Also, I do not follow any diets. I eat well and actually need to eat more than before or I will lose more weight which I do not want to do. This is due to the amount of exercise (cardio and weight lifting) I do.

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