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It's great that you are doing deadlifts just make sure that you are doing the stiff legged deads where you keep your legs straight as you go down. It is also imperative that you learn the correct form or you will hurt your back. By the way, your quads should not be the muscle that gets worked in deadlifts. It is supposed to work hams and glutes and that's where you should "feel" them. You must have been doing something wrong, I think, so it is very important that you learn how to do them correctly or you will not only possibly get hurt but you will not get any benefits of the exercise. Deadlifts, squats and lunges are awesome for your thighs and butt. Trust me, they WORK!!!
Yes, you should definitely do squats with weights (after you learn how to do them correctly). The more weight and the lower you squat, the more you will work the glutes and really get them not only tight but bigger and rounder (if that's what you are after). If you do squats without weights you will only tone the muscle but will not build it. That applies to all exercises.
Don't worry if you are a bit sore at first. It's normal and should go away in a day or two. Just keep on working out. If you are dedicated enough and really want results you will see your body starting to look pretty good in several months. It's worth all the work, no doubt about it.
As far as web sites, we are not allowed to post them on this board. It's against the rules. Just go to Google and type in bodybuilding, or names of exercises you want to learn, like "squat" or "deadlift" or "shoulder exercise" or "deltoid exercise" or whatever you wish to learn and it will give you tons of sites where you can go. Just go to as many as you wish until you find one you like. Sorry I cannot help more with that.

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