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[quote]Originally posted by stevebk108:
[b]Your diet actually has a lot less to do with acne than popular belief would have you think..[/b][/quote]


The one thing that i can tell you with 100% certainty is that diet and excercise have made my skin baby smooth. Since i would excercise 30 minutes per day for nearly a year, and my skin didn't improve until i changed my diet... what do you think caused the change in skin condition.

I'm 22 years old. People told me that i looked older-- what they really meant is that my skin looked like that of a 70 year old sailor who smoked.

My skin now looks and feels baby soft. Not a blemish at all. I used to get these anomalies that were unmistakable and massive. I also cleaned my face properly, and often. Another note is that my backne (back acne) has cleared up as well. I don't use anything special on it.

What changed it was decreasing carbs, simple sugars, and eating natural foods like fruits, veggies, chicken, and fish. I have started ketogenic diet which has added foods like dairy and salami (and oils, mayo, etc) and my skin is still beautiful so far (14 days). I track my vitamin intake and i get well over 100%RDA of everything. I eat like half a pound of spinach every day.

It's tough to tell you how certain i am that diet changes your skin. I'm a biochemical engineer and i do understand the biochemical pathways that take place in your system. Scrub your face until the skin comes off, it doesn't matter-- your diet has a huge impact on your skin. I feel that it's easier to diet and not worry about cleaning my skin more than once a day (with soap), and my skin is clear and baby soft.

I also began using vitamins for my skin, including biotin, vitamin c, vit A, D, zinc. My skin was already close to perfect- now it is essentially perfect.

I've read about the biochemical pathway that creatine causes which would theoretically cause acne. I can't remember exactly what i read, but i can tell you that i don't take creatine due to the likelyhood that it would mess up my new face. I would prefer to go all natural. If you feel that you want quicker gains, and you want to see what will happen to your dermal layer, than by all means it won't mess you up for good-- give it a shot.

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