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I work out in a gym on all the circuit machines every other day, and walk 50 minutes a day . Do circuit machines at a gym work just as good as free weights?...these machines are pully.. Is this a good workout routine?..Thank You!:)
Walking is okay, but you'll want to increase the intensity every so often. You can either increase speed (intervals of jogging and running are a great way to start) or even just up the incline. A brisk walking pace at a high incline is a heart-pumping workout that isn't really hard to do - as opposed to the impact of running, anyway. You can also add some variety by using an eliptical machine, stationary bikes, swimming (if you have a pool available), jump rope or an aerobics class. If you keep challenging your body, it will respond.
And remember that diet is a huge part of it, too. :)

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