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Wait wait wait... having big calves is primarily genetics and *muscle*. If she can get herself leaner, they may look more proportional, but the body typically doesnt hold a lot of fat in the lower extremeties (forearms or lower legs) unless someone has an exceptionally high body fat percentage. Some people have genetically large calf muscles or have done some kind of exercise in their life that built those muscles up.

She shouldn't to do too much for legs - squats/presses and lunges should be *plenty* and even then only once or twice a week - but the heavier weights for upper body should be fine and the added lean muscle will actually help her burn more fat. I hope she realized her nail tech does not count as an expert. ;)

Gib is right on the cardio though. If increasing intensity is hard for her right now, then she needs longer duration. Really, if she can keep an elevated heart rate (even on the low end of her target range) for 30-45 minutes at a clip, she will get more fat burning than 15 minutes of trying to push too hard. Really the eliptical/treadmill split isnt a bad idea. And if she does less weight training with legs, walking with a higher incline will not hurt her legs and will get her heart rate higher. And diet is absolutely 80% of the battle for fat loss (as I'm guessing you know). Has she addressed that at all?

And try to be patient with her. Trying to make her feel guilty may just be another dig to her self esteem and backfire on you completely. Be positive and supportive, and stern if she needs the push, but if she is going and doing something, it's a start, and when she starts to *see* the difference on the scale and in the mirror I'm sure her motivation will be renewed.

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