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If they are not causing any pain then I see no reason to alter them for now. If you can find an inexpensive insert recommended for pronation then you can certainly try them and see how they feel to you though. For your next pair, you might go to a runners' specialty store like Runner's Roost. They can assess your foot shape and gait and help you get the best shoe to fit your physiology. They do tend to be on the more expensive end, but to avoid long term joint and muscle problems, it's worth it.
As for clomping, you need to work on your form. :) You may have compensated for improper shoe fit with bad running form before which is apparently not working with the new pair. Be conscious of how your foot falls. It shouldn't be a stomp. Your heel should barely hit the ground and the foot/ankle should roll fairly smoothly into a spring step. Slow your pace a little and it'll be easier to re-learn how to run with better form. :)

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