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so i went to college a scrawny 125 lbs and relatively happy at that point. i worked out here and there at first and gained a little mass, but through several years working in restaurants and a commensurate diet, ended up weighing an unpleasant 170 seven years after my debut at 125 ... and the gain wasn't all the good kind.
so i started lifting weights and doing cardio, and have been doing so regularly for about a year. i usually workout between 4 and 7 days a week (though 6 is the average) ... with between 20 and 40 minutes of cardio per day (high speed incline walking on a treadmill) and the another hour to hour and a half of weight lifting, focusing hard on one to two muscle groups per day. in other words, i work pretty hard, but maybe not the right way.
through it all, i'm having a significant amount of difficulty losing the love handles and the belly, though i seem to be developing some nice size & tone in other areas. i also take a 23g protein supplement 3 times a day and keep a tight watch on my diet: lots of eggs, chicken, broccoli, and salads, milk, & water. no fast food.
any advice (especially from those that have first hand experience) on how to get lean and bulk up at the same time would be welcome.
PS ... i'm not looking for an overnight cure-all. i put in the necessary time, but would like to know that i'm not wasting my time and what routines have worked the best for others.
also, i'm not willing to give up booze entirely.

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