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I have done alot of research of when exactly to take the Whey Protein Shakes and a lot of them said:
- When you wake up in the morning
- Around 30min before workout
- Immediately after your workout

Well, my question is: when i work out i do a 5-10min warm up cardio, then my weights, then about 30min cardio after. Should i drink the protein shake after my weight lifting or after my 30min cardio?

First, what are your goals? Are you trying to get leaner, stronger, gain muscle?
Second, what function is a whey shake serving for you?
my goals are just to get toned and get some more muscle
i have arm muscle but i want it to become more toned, and lose my tummy/oblique fat and get that toned also. i would also like to lose a small bit of face in my neck/face
In that case, it doesn't really matter when you drink a whey shake. Before or immediately after your workout will workout just fine. You should eat something 30-60 minutes before lifting so you have the energy to do the work, and right after cardio you need something to stop muscle breakdown and start recovery (ideally protein and carbohydrates), so as long as both bases are covered, you can put the shake in either spot or between weights and cardio if you're worried about muscle loss. How long is your total workout usually? Do you currently eat anything before or after your workouts?

A whole food breakfast is probably better in the morning than a shake unless you're not meeting your protein needs. It wont do much for getting leaner unless you're inclined to high cal, high carb breakfast stuffs.
Well, i stick to one whey shake a day, after my workout, coz 3 makes me fat.

i just eat high protein meals and im doing okay with it.

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