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I work out in the mornings. Before I go to the gym (weights & cardio) I have a whey protein shake (designer whey). I've been waiting 2-3 hrs after my workout while I am at work before I eat my oatmeal and a banana. Now I am reading that you shouldn't wait that long after working out before eating and that I should be eating a little more in order aid my muscle growth and fat-burning more.

Also I am tiring of eating oatmeal all the time but I don't know if i should give it up because it's good for heart and cholesterol. I am not trying to get any bulkier, just trying to lose about 10 more pounds and while maintaing my current muscle mass and getting a little more toned up. Would I get better results eating an egg white omelet with some ham & veggies or a whole meat english muffin with peanut butter 60 mins after working out? What are some other good post-workout breakfast ideas?

Thanks!!! ;)
Anythying with protein and carbohydrates is good for a post workout meal (low fat, ideally). Good combinations are a hard boiled egg and fruit, or steel cut oats and raisins, or wheat toast with jam, or yogurt with fruit, or an omelet with veggies... you have a lot of options and you should definitely not wait 3 hours to eat after your workout. One at the most.
What do your workouts look like? Do you have any carbohydrates before your exercise?

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