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This is true! Many people get great results from interval training. I think either way would work fine for you though. I'd actually suggest doing different things so you don't hit a plateau. Some days, only do the elliptical and others you can try other things. It keeps you from getting bored as well. You can also alter the speed/resistance/incline that you use to keep you from hitting a plateau.

Remember, that you will get the best results if you add in some strength training too. You don't have to do any heavy weights of course... even some light dumbbells are good to have. I do about half an hour of cardio 5 times a week and do different exercises using weights. I have been getting way better results than when I used to do only cardio in the past. My arms are nice and tight, but not muscular. My legs are now my favorite body part and are very firm from all my running as well as lunges and squats. Then of course it's good to do some core exercises as well! I usually do basic crunches mixed with side crunches and bicycles. You can definitely do many different exercises rather than crunches if you don't enjoy them.

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