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Ankle Pain
May 22, 2008
What are some good ways to prevent ankle pain while running? I'm an indoor jogger that likes to use indoor tracks or treadmills. I also use the elliptical machine when I want to mix things up. I was feeling some pain in my bones and realize it wasn't really my knee, but everything was starting from my ankles and it kind of goes up. NOthing severe, but I don't want it to get worse.

My shoes are about 2 months old and are meant for running and made by Asics. It took me so long to find the perfect fitting shoes because I get bunionettes if shoes are too narrow around the outer edges. They are very comfortable shoes, but I'm thinking that maybe some kind of athletic gel insole will help with more cushioning or maybe wrapping my ankles in ace bandages before running. I don't go very fast at all. Actually, the slower I go, the more it bothers me (other than walking).

Any tips on this? Thank you!
Re: Ankle Pain
May 23, 2008
I don't want to hijack your thread, but I'm having very similar problems. I feel your pain - literally. I got new running shoes last weekend - Asics as well. I used them for the first time on Sunday and ran about 5 miles on the treadmill. When I was done - my ankles really hurt. I took Monday off, and Tuesday was a weight training day, then when I went back to the treadmill on Wednesday, I could barely finish my workout. My ankles were in sooooo much pain. I thought maybe it was because the shoes were new. My old running shoes were Asics as well, and I had them for almost 2 years with no problems. When I played sports in high school (12 years ago), I always ended up with stress fractures in my ankles (at least that's what the trainers told me). I'm wondering if that problem is coming back. I've been using the elliptical machine for the past few months - I never have any pain with that - but for the past 3-4 weeks I've been doing a lot more running on the treadmill to change things up. I used the elliptical again yesterday, and I had no pain in my ankles. As soon as I'm done, and I try to walk, the pain comes back - big time. I'm not sure what's up. Maybe it's the shoes, maybe it's something else. I'd love to know what others think as well.
Re: Ankle Pain
May 24, 2008
Hmm do you think Asics shoes (the newer ones) may have something to do with it? I used to mainly use the elliptical, so running is still generally a new thing for me anyway. My shoes are meant for running and I bought them in March. I wouldn't think they would go bad THAT fast. Do you think maybe some good gel sport insoles with arch support would help? I think maybe there isn't enough shock absorbing material... it feels like I almost need more padding because I just feel like my feet are hitting the ground very hard. I also need to wear heels sometimes, so I'm sure that doesn't help, but I've been doing many interviews and end up having a good walk from my car anyway.

I can't really pinpoint the exact spot... more of just feeling an overall pressure when my feet hit the ground. It's been helping to do about 2 miles on the treadmill and then switch to the elliptical, but I really enjoy the treadmill and will be sad to have to give it up. I've had MUCH better fitness results with it than with the elliptical, so it would be a bummer to have to stop. I'll have to try the gel insoles and will see if that helps and will let you guys know!
Re: Ankle Pain
May 27, 2008
It just may be those shoes!

I have heard several people talk about how they hate running, and so many times it ends up being their shoes, it really does make a huge difference to run in good shoes. The best shoes I have ran in, and ironically the cheapest I have are New Balance. I would definitely recommend looking into some new ones if they feel that hard when you land. I doubt the shoes went bad, just maybe they were never good? My NB's lasted nearly three years now.

Also I have read some good things about many show inserts, so a cushioned insert may be a better alternative.

Also I'm sure the more and more you run, the better it will get, as long as you leave some rest time when it gets really sore. Our bodies are great at adjusting.

Hopefully that does the trick for you, let us know
Re: Ankle Pain
May 28, 2008
I had no ankle pain at all until I got the new shoes. The first time I wore them is when the pain started, and it hasn't stopped since - it's been a week and a half. During that time, I've stopped running on the treadmill completely - I've gone back to using the elliptical for my main form of cardio. I've tried the exercise bike, and it didn't hurt either - but I don't feel like I get much out of it. My right ankle is really swollen and tender to the touch. I started wrapping it in an ace bandage last night, and again this morning. It seems like it gives me more support. Don't know if it will help when I work out.

I've had bad knee pain from running, but that always goes away if I lay off the running for a few days. I was hoping it would be the same with the ankles, but no such luck.

I probably should see a doctor - I need to carve out some time in the next few days to do that - easier said than done :)

It's crazy, I only bought the new Asics because the old ones felt like there just wasn't enough cushion when I ran - they were over 2 years old. If this pain ever goes away, I'm going to try running in the old shoes again to see if that helps. The thought that it might be the new shoes makes me sick - I paid $135.00.
Re: Ankle Pain
May 29, 2008
I have found that rotating my ankles in circles a little throughout the day and then before exercise has helped. I really think my ankle pain may also be from my Asics running shoes. I can't afford a nice new pair of shoes yet (these are pretty new anyway and shoes can be so much!) but plan on buying a different brand next time. A lot of my friends love Nike Shox for running. May give those a try!

I bought gel pads that go in the heels of my shoes and they seem to help a little, but mostly the ankle rotations are what have been helping. I want to get insoles for my entire shoe as well but need to look at more places because many didn't have ones meant for running for women.

Snogal, I'm sorry to hear about your swelling! If it continues, I'd see a doctor as well. I feel like I keep getting hurt from my workouts. I just fractured my thumb while lifting weights! I can finally somewhat move that thumb but have to wear a large splint!
Re: Ankle Pain
Jun 11, 2008
Wow... I just bought some Dr. Shchole's (or however you spell it) arch supports, and my feet and ankles have felt MUCH better when running. I couldn't find ones specifically for running without spending $30+, so I decided I've give these $9 ones a try. They are great and very supportive. I never realized that my arches are pretty high since none of my shoes support my arches. Now I'm going to want to buy these for every pair I can!
Re: Ankle Pain
Jun 15, 2008
Hm, yeah hopefully self shaping inserts would help. That doesn't sound comfortable! Mine fit right in the arches, so it definitely sounds like yours weren't in the right spot. It's hard because some arch supports fit a large range of shoe sizes, so I'm sure some of the sizes at the smaller or larger end won't fit as well. Most females I know have high arches, so I figured mine were normal, but same deal here... no shoes had ever touched my arches. Now I have my running shoes fitting correctly... unfortunately I have way too many shoes to be able to get them for ALL pairs, so I guess I'll try for the ones I wear a lot.

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