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Re: Ankle Pain
May 28, 2008
I had no ankle pain at all until I got the new shoes. The first time I wore them is when the pain started, and it hasn't stopped since - it's been a week and a half. During that time, I've stopped running on the treadmill completely - I've gone back to using the elliptical for my main form of cardio. I've tried the exercise bike, and it didn't hurt either - but I don't feel like I get much out of it. My right ankle is really swollen and tender to the touch. I started wrapping it in an ace bandage last night, and again this morning. It seems like it gives me more support. Don't know if it will help when I work out.

I've had bad knee pain from running, but that always goes away if I lay off the running for a few days. I was hoping it would be the same with the ankles, but no such luck.

I probably should see a doctor - I need to carve out some time in the next few days to do that - easier said than done :)

It's crazy, I only bought the new Asics because the old ones felt like there just wasn't enough cushion when I ran - they were over 2 years old. If this pain ever goes away, I'm going to try running in the old shoes again to see if that helps. The thought that it might be the new shoes makes me sick - I paid $135.00.
Re: Ankle Pain
May 29, 2008
I understand completely. Hurt my ankle doing sports, took up weight lifting waiting for it to heal, injured the lateral part of my palm in some mysterious way, reinjured my knee doing rehab for my ankle... Actually gave up exercise all together for a month or so there, just seemed too much effort.

I'm glad the ankle circles are working. Balancing on one foot will also strengthen the ankle to prevent injury, as will pushing against an exercise band or your hand in each of the 4 obvious directions.

Icing after exercise might not be a bad idea, either. Any injured parts. There are runners who swear by sitting in ice-cold water after each workout. (Not me!)

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