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Let me first say to you, that I mean absolutely no disrespect. I'm sorry to hear about your loved one.

However that being said, the worst thing you can start doing is making excuses for yourself. Grieving is a natural and necessary process, but it should not deter you from exercise. The reason I say this is because exercise is in my opinion the BEST way to clear your head, it's also a great way to reflect on whatever is on your mind, loved ones, religion, anything.

Now past your loved one lets get to the next set of excuses, your knees. Now I'm not a medical professional, so I do suggest seeing your doctor about what exercise is best for you. However I can guarantee he will say it is a great thing for you to exercise, it will only strengthen your knees and prevent future dislocations. I used to make the exact same excuse as you about my shoulders (both HAD dislocation problems) now I frequent the gym, and my shoulders are stronger then they have been since I initially hurt them.

Also my suggestion is to forget about the gym when you are going to and from school or whatever. Instead find a time slot when you have nothing going on, and focus on having an intense workout. Just 20 minutes of intense cardio (I recommend HIIT) three times a week will make a noticeable difference in your physique over time along with health eating. Though on non cardio days I highly recommend weight training (yes even for women!)

Anyways just think of how great a feeling it will be to be in great shape, I'm sure your grandmother would be proud of your hard work! Good dieting and exercise will benefit your life in more ways then you thought. Increased energy, happiness, self worth, positivity, health, and the list could go on.

This time around set goals, and dont let yourself down.

You can do it!;)

[QUOTE=Jrenter;3583771]Yes, I sure miss her... in fact, last night for some odd reason, I was trying to get to bed and I couldn't help but cry just because of the fact that I miss her so much and that I was really close to her... I miss having that communication between us. I would do anything to have her back!

Anyway, I'm not able to really handle a bike anymore mostly because I've got the world's worst coordination! :P And my kneecaps have a tendency to dislocate which I've found on a bicycle. I actually had a really nice bike that was about $600 but I had to sell it because of the fact that I found it super difficult to ride with my knees, etc.

I'm thinking to and from my school isn't bad but I don't know if I would want to walk it if it's super hot outside or perhaps walk it if it's cooler / early evening. In my mind it doesn't seem like it's that bad but I did calculate in my car from my apartment building to the parking lot of the school and it is just over 3km. It's too bad there's not a way I could walk there one way and then have someone pick me up, etc. My boyfriend is at work during the afternoon/early evening which is usually when I go to school as I'm not a morning person!:) Hmm...[/QUOTE]

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