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Try push-ups, but do 5mins of cardio first and always stretch. Know your limits (how much you can lift, always start out low, maybe 3 or 5pounds, or for push ups know how many you can do...don't push yourself...and talk to a doctor or do some more research so you don't injure yourself. If you have any health conditions or haven't exercised in a while your NEED to talk to your doctor!) Do "body weights" like yoga, Callisthenics (spelling?), or push ups, pull ups, but start out light and then work your way to heavier things. If you want to buy weights, get dumbbells, or resistance bands (I don't recommend the bands), or medicine balls (weighted balls used for sit-ups or adding resistance to other things)... push-ups require you to lift about 60% of your body weight, so start with arm, shoulder and scapula (they are different) exercies, but you need to also do your "core" which is your abs, trunk and everything except your head, arms and legs. You need a stable or strong core to do other exercise which is why you need to start out light so you don't pull a muscle and then can't do anything.

If you haven't exercised in a while or are pretty inactive or get tired easily... start light anyway.... before you do an advanced move, work those muscles first like shown above, see which muscles are involved then work your way to the actual "goal" like push-ups which are really hard to do... work up to them...

Try searching for workout videos

Cindy Whitmarsh has 2 books, one is UltraFit which I don't have but is a more advanced version of her "101 workouts with weights...." book. She models her own workouts in the book, very sculpted body. I've gone though many fitness books, even anatomy of exercise books, but this is the only one I can give 6 stars out of 5!! It has nutrition, easy to follow, very visual, tons of pictures. Beginner to advanced, each body parts and she does moves that are very unique that you can't find else where. Dumbbells (free weights) .... she has things you wouldn't think of doing which is why I chose this book out of any other book there are things in there you can't find anywhere else - that i've looked, but it's all in one book :) ... about $20.

There's also the balance or exercise ball (the one you inflate), but if you can't afford dumbbells, improvise, use rocks, or very secure milk jugs... 1 gallon milk jugs are 8lbs when full. or just use your body weight.. use your imagination :)

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