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Definitely doesn't sound like you need to lose weight! I'm 115 pounds and the same height and I wear a size 2! I understand that everybody can be a different build and of course we all want to look good :).

I agree with janewhite1 that diet will play a big part in your stomach area. This was the case with me. I recently lost 10 pounds and got down to my goal weight. I eat less processed foods (I used to eat a lot of Lean Cuisines and only eat about one a week now) and stick with lower glycemic carbs (no white breads or pastas, white rices, or regular potatoes- I eat whole wheats, brown rice, and sweet potatoes). I also limit my sugar and instead eat something healthy like fruit. Overall I eat less carbs than I did before and I eat plenty of lean protein and snack on a lot of fruit. Doing this, as well as cardio exercise, flattened my abs. Now all of my crunches have paid off. I used to have a layer of fat over my abs and now it's finally coming off due to the cardio and diet.

For your legs, running is great for your thighs. I totally reshaped my legs with running. You can also do lunges and squats for your thighs and they are quick to do! I get a better workout if I actually go out and run outside or on the treadmill than running in place or doing an aerobics video, but of course they are still good to do. If your legs aren't big, they may just firm up and won't get a lot smaller.

Good luck to you!

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