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Change your lifestyle in the way you see/eat food. drop that sneaker bars. itll be hard but youll get used to it if you havent already.

First start eating healthier. Eat some veggies everday. Cut the sodas and drink water more often. IM not health expert but I just stay away from the sodium/cholestrol and watever else is bad for ya. Ohhhh... Try to stay away from Fried food.

Try to do exercises everyday to at least every other day. Just do something thatll get you sweating everyday, if that be spending time outside working on yard, stay occupied.
For the man-boobs. do push ups, dont bench press heavy weights as it will bulk your chest. The main thing to do is cardio to loose that fat, especially hot weather now, go out and stay outside doing something. Play basketball, walk your dog, GO mountain biking. DO some extra corricular activities. change it up so you dont get bored.

youll see progress soon enough. ive always been athletic myself but recently i went down hill with my body, started having panic attacks and took a while to come down, i had eating disorder, which i kept eating junk food all day. Anyways, now i have seen some progess physically and mentally. Not where I wanna be but a whole lot better than before.

goodluck to you

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