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Do you think it's the surgery itself that caused this? Or the time out you had from working out?

Jogging used to be very difficult for me... I've found different things to make it work for me and I've gotten much better with it. First of all, take care of the easy things. Make sure you have GOOD running shoes. That is the one kind of show I'll spend more on. It makes a difference. I also highly recommend some good gel insoles with arch support. I used to have ankle pain from running, bought some $8 Dr. Scholl's supports and it never happened again. Get them!

If you jog outside, try a track or traedmill instead. The ground can be very hard and can just be tough on you. I actually don't run outside much at all. My allergies act up, it's too hot here in Texas, and for some reason I get any itchy rash on my legs if I run outside.

Lastly, if all else fails, just try alternating between walking and jogging. Intervals are good to do anyway! Or just jog even slower and slowly build your way back up. It takes time for sure! Also, be sure to drink plenty of water and have a good protein-rich snack if you don't already.

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