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Well, considering that you've only started running a few weeks ago it sounds pretty good. I think you could slowly build endurance, like add a minute onto your 1.5 mile run each time. Also, I know that if I take a day off then the next day I usually run better.
Sounds like you are doing well! I run 3 miles a day, 5 times a week. I actually have to eat more in order to maintain my weight since I'm not looking to lose any more. After running and lifting weights, I burn about 500 calories at the gym and don't really like to eat a lot. 4 miles sounds pretty good!

What I do to keep going is get a great soundtrack to listen to on my ipod. Go for lots of fast, upbeat songs that you enjoy. I regularly download new music as a reward for a good week of workouts. I always look forward to listening to my new songs. I try to focus on the music instead of the timer on the treadmill.

If I'm really tired, I'll just slow down the pace a little bit instead of going to a walk. Then I'll take it back up. Or just try very hard to go a LITTLE farther each time and gradually add on to it. I used to have to stop after 1 mile and now if I want I can do the whole thing straight, but usually I stop after 2. Just add on a little each time! It works! I actually sometimes speed it up a knotch and my adrenaline really keeps me going. I see that I'm finishing faster and it motivates me to keep going!

Good luck to you! I hope you are able to achieve your fitness goals and participate in those races. Good for you!
You might think about getting yourself a heart rate monitor. As your running progresses, you should be able to indentify how you feel during a run. Obviously running is tough all the time, but I've been able to identify 'comfort' levels during the run. I use the term comfort loosely, I should say painful versus less painful :) I'm always watching my monitor during a run, if my BPM gets to 150 or above and I start huffing pretty bad, then I slow down slightly. If it drops down in the 130's, I can feel my body 'easing' up some so I kick it up again. I try to keep my BPM around 140 or so during the run. It's a mental thing too, as I don't feel the need to stop during the run anymore, mentally I know I can slow down the pace and feel myself catch my breath slightly again.

This helps some on interval training too. You kick up the pace for a while, your BPM goes up, then you slow it back down a while.

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