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My opinion of Nike Shox is that they are a fashion statment, and not truely meant to be run in.

The best running shoes are the ones that fit your foot mechanics. There are 3 types of shoes: Neutral for those who have high arches (also for lighter weight runners), Stability for those who have more flat feet and a tendency to "over pronate" that is the ankle rolls to the inside during the foot strike (also for heavier runners with higher arches) and Motion control which are for those with flat feet and greater over pronation.

It is really best to go to a reputable running store to buy running shoes, at least for the first time so you can determine which type of shoes you need. Do not get shoes from a place like Foot locker, though they carry the same brands, they are generally not the same quality shoes you get at a running store. They will look at your feet and start trying on shoes and watch you run in each of them. They generally start with the most neutral and work their way up. The cost of a good running shoe from a running store is around $100, though some will be less or more.

A pair of running shoes will last about 300-500miles, after that they do not give the support you may need and you'll start to have some knee or foot pain (or possibly hip and back pain as well or instead).

Having the right pair of shoes is paramount for a good running career to help stave of injury!

Happy running :)

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