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If you show up with a great healthy California look - and CONFIDENCE - people won't notice the extra pounds. Think about the whole picture, not just the weight. A great outfit (with the right undergarments) can make you look 10 pounds thinner. A great hairstyle, big smile, great skin and makeup, interesting jewelry, and maybe some cleavage, will all keep attention above your tummy or butt. Realistically, every other woman there will be much more focused on her own looks, and the bride and bridesmaids.

Having said that... If you want to lose the most weight possible in three weeks, I strongly recommend the Atkins or SouthBeach diet, with a moderate increase in your exercise.

In three weeks, you'll lose a lot more by dieting than by exercise alone. I read a study that people lost more weight, and faster, on a LOW CARB, HIGH PROTEIN DIET. People on low calorie and low fat diets didn't lose as much. You need some fat in your diet to look your best (stick with "good fats" like Olive oil). If you cut out too much fat from your diet, your skin and hair will look dull and unhealthy.

Atkins and Southbeach Diet are both good, . Basically, stick with lean meats, eggs, and lots of non-starchy veggies (mostly greens), and avoid all sugary and starchy foods (bread, rice, pasta, sugar, alcoholic drinks, fruit, fruit juice, candy, cereal, etc.). You can eat as much as you want of the approved foods. That's really important if you're also exercising. You won't look good or have a lot of energy if you starve yourself. SouthBeach allow you to add "good carbs" after the first phase.

Keep exercising, but don't increase your exercise too much, or add too many new activities. If you overdo it, or use bad form doing something new, you might end up with an injury or pain, and that would ruin your fun. You won't be able to carry yourself with confidence if your neck or back are hurting you. Personally I plan to take dance lessons before my next family wedding.

Before my high school reunion I read an article on how to LOOK thinner in a week. It was partly how to prevent having a bloated tummy. The tips did help me look a lot better in my dress. Avoid carbonated beverages, gum, gas producing veggies (brocolli, cabbage, etc.), and beans/legume. I can't remember the rest, .

I'm not positive, but I think low carb diets are similar to "low residue" diets. A low residue diet might have an added advantage of reducing the amount of gas and stool that might make your tummy look bigger than it is. I would avoid using laxatives before the party because they can cause unpleasant side effects that would really ruin your fun.

Choose your outfits and undergarments carefully. You can look 5-10 pounds thinner just by choosing the right clothes. If you can find something great that isn't in all the East Coast malls, in this years colors, you'll look really special. Wear a color that looks great with your hair and skin. Also if you walk with good posture, you'll look a little thinner and more confident.

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