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I used to workout moderartely about 3 years ago and then couldn't find time for it with graduate school and a fulltime job. I'm just getting back into it and feel very weak and very lost about routine. I want to be lean and muscular...i am not overweight although i have a slight belly. This is my regime so far...can anyone tell me if it needs a makeover?

Breakfast - 3 eggwhite omlet on wheat. A shake that includes 1/2 cup blueberries, one banana, half a pear, teaspoon flax seed oil.

Snack: some almonds

Lunch - turkeybreast sandwich on wheat with lettuce and peppers. a tall glass of orange juice

post workout: same shake as above but with a scoop of protein powder (24 grams)

Dinner: 4 ounce chicken breast, lettuce, and 1/2 cup of spinach

My workout is
monday - chest and back. 3 exercises for each exercise, supersetted. 6-8 reps each
Tuesday - bis/tris. 3 exercises for each exercise, supersetted. 6-8 reps each
Wednesday - shoulders/legs. 3 exercises for each exercise, supersetted. 6-8 reps each
Thursday/Friday off
Saturday - Start it all over again

I also do high intensity interval training with a jump rope in the morning before my breakfast 4 days a week.
25-30 minutes of it. 1 minute of a level 9 jump rope (150 revolutions) and then 2 minutes of a light jog(high knee walk)
I do resistance abs exercises 4 times a week (about 150-200 reps/day)

I would very very much appreciate any advice or commentary about whether this is a good work out plan or not. I read a lot of differing material on the internet that contradicts itself. Any advice, affirmation, or disagreement would be EXTREMELY appreciated. Even a simple "that's fine" or "change it up" would would help to lessen the amount of space i'm lost in.

Thank you.

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