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You guys are making me feel really bad about the muffins :(

I didn't buy them because they were healthy, I bought them because I love muffins and haven't had one in more than a year, and this happened to be the healthiest muffin I could find...for the record I haven't eaten one yet ...although I [I]was[/I] going to tomorrow.

Ugh, I just went to the grocery store yesterday, so I wish I had thought of this then, but there's this fiber powder stuff that tastes really good (imo). I could just buy some of that and put it on everything I eat. (Is there such thing as protein powder too? >.>)

I suppose the 5 pounds could be water weight, but I haven't had other spouts of gaining water weight over the course of my weight loss, it's just been pretty steady with a few short plateaus.

My "workout" routine is (and you can laugh at me for listening to infomercials) a 10-minute workout. There's one for total body, abs, lower body, cardio, and yoga. Each is 10 minutes, each is intense, and each makes my muscles burn and breaks a sweat (well not really that last one, I've never been a person to sweat, I almost never do...even in the hottest or most intense situations). Basically I do 2-3 of these 10 minute things a day....would that count as interval training? Would it be better if I spaced out each one by a few minutes instead of one after another?

The reason I do this instead of just lifting weights in a gym is because I live in a small dorm room and there's not a whole lot of room for stuff. Sure I could go to the athletic center and lift weights there, but I'd feel out of place among all the football players, PLUS, this 10 minute thing fits into my schedule so nicely (for the record, it has rubber resistance bands instead of weights...much easier to store in my room).

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