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First off let me just say eat the muffins but in moderation...maybe have half a day or i dont take fiber powder i guess its the same thing but what youll find withb fiber is it really really makes you go to the bathroom (an effect of increased metabolism-it flushes your system not allowing your intestine to absorb as much bad things as it otherwise would) the powdered fiber although i have no experience with it to me it might feel like a laxative because powdered substances are absorbed much quicker into the body so i prefer natural sources of fiber..its more steady for far as protein powder goes its an essential part of my diet...try to get whey protein powder..can find it at any healthfood store or GNC..its fast easy and is high far as your workout goes if its worked for you its worked for u im actually going to college which happens to be around my block so i dont have a dorm or the same schedule restraints as you do so i cant comment...i have had some good experience with resistance bands...and as far as being embarassed to go to the gym ..dont be...youll be surprised how willing people are to help at a gym..instead of being in shy and embarassed ask them what they do to get that big..usually at the gym if you go often youll see the same people often so eventually you will feel least thats how ive felt in my past...

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