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Hello I am an avid exerciser....I have gotten back to running 3-4 miles a day and sometimes do Jillian Michaels videos and abs...I have a big issue with fat on my inner knees and thighs...I am 5'7" and 128lbs. My thighs measure 21 inches but are a mush cellulite look...any suggestions on exercises to hit this area? I would think the running would cover it....?

thank you!
Heh...if you find a solution, let me know what it is! I have the same problem...and I run, cycle, swim (I do triathlons) in addition to being a "gym-rat". While my thighs have slimmed down somewhat (to the point where they no longer rub..yay!!)...I still have the inner knee fat, and it's not budging. Personally, I think it's a hereditary all the women in my family had/have fatty knees. Unfortunately, I have no ideas on how to spot reduce this area...IF it can even be done at all.

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