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Sounds like you're doing good with your eating habbits. Heres some specific foods, the protein foods will help with your muscle gaining efforts, and the others are good for carbohydrates and are low in fat, sugar, and sodium (which are 3 things you want to eat less of). So stay away from cake, cookies, candy, and all that stuff.
Protein-Turkey breast, chicken breast, tuna, flounder, grouper, soy beans, and egg whites.
Carbohydrates- Potato, oatmeal, pasta, rice, and grits. Also keep in mind the sugar and artificial sweeteners in the oatmeal. And in the pasta the sodium and all. If you want, you can take it real far and eat it plain.

I was told to not eat bread or drink milk too. But an exeption for milk in the morning. I thought those were healthy (100% whole wheat bread, 2%milk), but idk.

As for the working out for muscle mass part, im not sure. I have been searching for good, effective routines too. I have heard upper body one day, lower next, and just keep cycling (weekend off maybe? i forget).

Also have heard isolating 2 primary muscles per day, with the exeption of legs. Like triceps with chest, biceps with back, legs and shoulders (my favorite), but there is also Arms, chest and back, shoulders and legs, and other methods. But as for the weight and rest period, im all confused. I have heard 1 min rest between sets with 3 sets, and 10-12 reps, next set 8-10, next 6-8, with the highest weight you can do it with of course. Some people suggest even higher weight with 4-6 reps each set and 2-3 minutes rest, i have not tried that though, and i think the 1 min rest and such sounds like it would work better.

Also i have been told to wait 30 sec MAX rest time between sets, with about 4 sets per exercise, sometimes all 4 are 10 reps, sometimes its a pyramid (15-13-10-8). This method also with isolated muscle groups each day.

So what gets me is the rest periods between sets, i have heard different reasons why one is better than the other. But personally i feel like i get a better workout with the 1 min rest between sets, but im gonna try the other way. I have found out that the only way i will know which way works for sure is to try it. Im thinking for about 2 months, i think that should show significant results. Who knows, maybe it doesnt matter which way you work out. But hope i helped.

Edit: Oh, and i dont think it matters which day you do abs, maybe 1 ab exercise per day, or maybe 1 day of many ab exercises.

Also, avoid working out too much. Leave like at least 1 full day between working out the same muscle groups. I have read that overworking can actually decrease your muscle mass.

And supplements are good, especially for a quick and easy protein source. Whey protein is the best i have heard many times. And theres different variations, whey protein isolate is the purest.

I took wheybolic 60 before, it did seem like it helped but then again it could have been the placebo effect and just my mind thinking it (i didnt take measurments or weight). I bet 100% whey protein is just as effective as whatever else is in that thing, but im not sure.

Oh, and i have read, and heard that 5-7 small meals are better than 3 big meals. Not sure exactly why, but i think it helps with hunger.

Well stay motivated, and stick with it! Maybe in 2 months or so you could let me know about progress :p.

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