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I agree that there isn't TOO much you can do, but you can definitely do some exercises that may help. If you work the chest muscles with push-ups (even the knee kinds work fine) and chest presses with light weights, you can build up your pec muscles and might be able to boost your bust area a little bit. It won't be a huge difference, but it's something! Other than that, the only other options are surgery and sometimes birth control pills can cause an increase in your bust size. At least half of my friends on birth control went up about a cup size. I did too, but I was still at a younger age, so it may have been happening anyway. I just wouldn't go on the pill JUSt for that reason.

As for your midsection, I am kind of shaped the same way. I naturally gain weight in my middle, but luckily, I also lose it fastest there. I do different crunches or pilates exercises for my abs, including crunches to the side to work the oblique muscles, which will help you make your waist more narrow. You can't really change your rib cage though. Keep in mind that your diet and cardio exercise play a big part too. You won't get your stomach smaller from crunches, but crunches PLUS cardio exercise will do it.

Often times, you don't need a padded bra or anything to boost your chest. You really just need a bra that fits great and is supportive. I always look for flattering clothes and undergarments that make me feel good about myself. It's not worth wearing something you hate or don't feel confident in. Wear what works for your body shape. Be sure to also show off your favorite body parts in a good way (ex: a great skirt for showing off your legs) and you won't think about the areas you don't like as much.

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