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hi all, this is very frustrating to me and i'm hoping someone can provide some insight as to what's going on. for several years I've been jogging a few times a week for 30+ mins. but seven months ago I stopped being able to run my usual regimen, because as I jog my legs give out. that's the best way i can describe what happens -- basically one minute i'm running and the next i have to slow down and eventually stop because my legs just don't have it in them to keep going. if i had to pinpoint something i'd say that the muscles of the backs of my legs are spent. recently I've gone no more than fifteen minutes (approx 1.5 miles) on the track before I have to stop. SOMETIMES pausing and stretching my legs helps some....but another mile down the line I have to quit.

i've tried stretching before and after my workout, drinking more water, taking a week off, increasing workout frequency, and dressing warmer, all to no avail. Is it possible that my leg muscles have weakened somehow? I'm 23. any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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