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I'd like to work on my inner thigh strength! I love to run and do plenty of hamstring and quadricep exercises, but I realize I slack off when it comes to inner and outer thighs. I love to use the hip and inner thigh machines (I forget what they are called, but the very common ones where you sit and use your legs to push the parts inward or outward) when I go to the gym, but I often just go to my gym at my apartment, where they don't have these machines.

I love how my legs look and they don't jiggle or have fat I am looking to get rid of; I'm doing it for the strength. I get kneecap pain near the inner part of the knee and think gaining some inner thigh strength will help balance it out, since runner's knee is most often caused by muscle imbalance. I have a new routine for my outer legs that I've been doing, so now it's just figuring out a good one for inner legs.

I'd appreciate any new ideas for when there isn't gym equipment! I remember doing these leg criss crosses in a class before, but they feel a bit easy. Maybe I'll try using some ankle weights to make it more challenging. I also used to do pilates pretty often and might start up again in addition to my running and take a break from weight lifting. Do any of you know if pilates is recommended for this? I remember particular exercises working this area.

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