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Also, what method of both % fat measurement did you use? You might want to try a few different measurements to make sure it's accurate. I am also 5'4 and about your height, and had a body fat % in the 20's, which was showing up as average for my height. I had to wonder if the machine taking the measurement was ACCURATE though! I don't know how the machine really works! I am slim at a size 2, yet I have shape since I love to run and lift weights, and I definitely eat a healthy diet.

Anyway, I wanted to say that it's definitely possible to keep your curves while gaining some muscle! In fact, that's what I like about my legs most. I run often and I like to look like I have runner's legs. I also do plenty of lunges and squats and leg presses. I find that it keeps my thighs firm and tight, yet shapely. Same with my butt! Lots of butt exercises keep it round and not getting flat. For your chest, doing chest exercises can help too. I worried that I'd lose my chest when I lost weight last year, but I just went down in the band size and kept my cup size. I do push ups and chest flies and other chest exercises, which help boost the pecs.

Good luck with everything! Being fit and healthy is definitely important, but it's also important to feel good about yourself :) I found out that I start to lose my curves if I go under 115, so I decided that 115-120 is a healthy weight for me. Running helps me stay at my weight (as well as my eating habits) and strength training really makes me look tighter and stronger.

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