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I gain weight in my middle too- and luckily I have been able to keep it under control! My legs were also an area I didn't want to lose any weight in. I pretty much just wanted to firm up all over, get rid of my belly flab, tone up my arms, lose a little in my cheeks since they started looking a little puffy!

What I did first was start exercising. In the past, I didn't get much exercise at all. I started with the elliptical machine since it was low impact. The main thing here is consistency... don't give up! Find a routine that works for you, and stick with it! I joined a gym and would go 4-5 times a week. Sometimes I would go with a friend to keep me motivated. In addition to my cardio, I lifted light weights on machines. Try to stick with something that helps you build up a sweat, but isn't way too challenging. You don't want to wear yourself out too fast. Start easier, then build your way up! You can increase the difficulty as you get used to it, that way you don't hit a plateau and get stuck where you are. Cardio exercise should help you burn off flab in your trouble areas. I noticed that my legs stayed about the same size, but I built more muscle in them. I run now, so I notice a lot of definition in them, but not skinny or not bulky.

Another thing you will want to change is your diet. Little changes are best, as it's easier to make small challenges, get used to them, then add more changes. Nothing drastic or it's too hard to stick with it! I'm not sure what typical foods/eating habits you have, but I know when I was more apple shaped, I didn't always eat as I should. I ate too much in some sittings, too little in other sittings, and usually ate too many carbs and sweets, not enough fruits and veggies and protein. Now, I pretty much eat lean protein at every meal (I make it a point to make sure there is a good protein source), moderate amount of healthy carbs (no white breads or pastas!) and lots of salad greens, veggies, fruits, and a little bit of healthy fats (such as avocado, olive oil, nuts). Try to eat smaller meals, but more often. Try to not get super hungry or super full, just eat to stay satisfied. This works for me! I used to sometimes eat a whole big bowl of cereal or pasta, and no more of that. Now, if I want some pasta, it has to be whole wheat, and I make it a side dish, with some lean chicken or other source of protein. Balancing your meals will make a huge difference! I also used to eat a lot of lean cuisines... now I prepare more of my own food to avoid the extra additives!

Hope this helps give you some ideas! Good luck :)

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