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Like the others said, cardio exercise (I like to jog/run) and a good diet! What helped me was making sure I wasn't having too many carbs and sugar. I used to eat too many carbs in the past. Now I eat the right amount and I eat lower processed ones that are better for the body. I also watch my sodium so I don't get bloated.

I still do ab workouts, like crunches and what not, but they're not the main part of getting a smaller waistline. I do them in ADDITION to the cardio and healthy eating. It helps me build muscle, but the others are what burns off the fat and shrinks my waist.

I can say that I DO have experience with accidentally making my stomach larger. This didn't happen with my waistline, but with my lower stomach. I had a surgery done in this area and had to rest for two weeks before slowly adding back in exercise. I couldn't hold in my stomach at all because my muscles were cut through and sewn back up, until it healed. During this time, my posture was not as good. I tended to pooch out my stomach because I felt more comfortable that way. I started to get a little belly and started the P90X workout routine later on. My stomach seemed to pooch out at the bottom and felt hard! I was so disappointed. What I did wrong was I never worked on improving my posture and didn't work on my transverse abdominals, which hold the stomach in. Now I do gentler workouts that are way more effective, and have had much better results. I've retrained my abs with Pilates and notice such a difference. I'm still working on it, but perhaps I can get back into the vigorous P90X routine after I get my abs retrained! I think I did too much too fast on weak and swolen lower abs.

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