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[COLOR="DarkRed"][CENTER][FONT="Century Gothic"]Hello. I have what you may call a lean body when I'm at my most fit body. My hips aren't too wide (if wide at all) and my waist isn't too thin. My hip to waste ratio is like 0.7. My breasts are average for my body build and size, maybe like a C cup.

I want to get wider hips and a bigger butt without injections. I am tired of not looking the way I want to in my own clothing. I’m in pretty good shape, despite the 20lbs I gained in the past year from a new sit-down job, but now back on my game and heading back into a toned shape, but still don’t like my body, even when it’s at its most toned. I'm ashamed by it as the toning takes away from the femininity of my body character, not having curves and all. I want to feel confident in my body. I work out; I should feel good, not afraid of the results as it diminishes my curvy body frame. Please help with any advice. [/FONT][/CENTER][/COLOR]

Ido not like my shape. I need more hips and buns- [B]please help!!! [/B][/I] :dizzy:
I notice that doing donkey kick type exercises makes my butt stick out a little more! I prefer these to squats, although I do both, because they give me better results. I notice that it lifts the butt and firms, giving it a curvier appearance, yet keeping a fit appearance at the same time.

For hips, I notice that certain exercises were making my hips a little larger, so maybe it will work for you... They are similar to donkey kicks... you get on all fours and instead of kicking one fit straight up into the air, you do a round kick to the side. I typically do about 20-30 reps per side. When starting out, one set is enough, but usually now I do two sets.

I agree that there isn't anything that will give you drastic results, but these may give those areas a little "boost." I realize that my body isn't going to be exactly like many others... I don't have a lot of an hourglass shape and am a bit more straight through the hip area. I am petite, but I notice that even with a small size, dress pants are often a little baggy in the legs. I don't consider my legs thin and they are pretty muscular, but perhaps they're thinner than I think of them. I also don't have the tiniest waist... I have to work hard to keep my waist the size it is (my current problem right now is the lower stomach!). I typically gain most of my weight in my midsection and not really anywhere else! I always hope that I will at least gain a little in my chest area (I would love to be a D cup, but I'm a small C) but that seems to NEVER happen! If anything, I'll only go up in my band size and that's it!

We all are unique! I just focus on being the best I can for my shape and wear clothes that flatter me. I like to wear clothing that accentuates my curves, yet flatters trouble areas! For me, low rise pants with a boot cut leg, yet a slimmer cut throughout the leg, helps show off curves and flatter slim hips! I also love that I can wear both light and dark pants... many women I know complain that light pants do not flatter them! Think of all of the positives :)

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