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Just some preliminary information:

Usually when shin splints are encountered, there could be a couple of things going on. The first is surface. If you have less than perfect running form, then your footstrike on a very hard surface can cause inflammation in the tissues up the shin. Another problem could be footware. If your shoes are such that there is an ever-slight overbending upwards of the ankle, it will put a lot of pressure on those tissues. Therefore, I doubt that it is any of the medical conditions you describe.

If any of the above fits you, then here's how you get rid of them. If your shoes fit pretty tightly, then try to get new ones 1/2 size up, no more than that though. Then go to a grassy course or a course that is dirt or wood chip trails. Run on those for awhile. This is very important too: you'll want to keep your hamstrings and quadriceps very loose. Now, part of that involves stretching, but static stretching is the least effective and can only be done when properly warmed up, ie jogging 5-10 minutes, THEN stretching. Or, you can do dynamic stretches. Find a table that isn't too high, like a short living room table. Stand in front of the long end of the table with your back facing the table. Place one leg back onto the table, resting it there. With the other foot on the floor ahead of the table, squat down, like you are doing squats. You need only go down far enough so that your thigh is parallel to the floor. Repeat 8-10 times alternating legs, maybe doing each leg 3 times. Using the same table, stand facing the table. Then stretch your hamstring by placing your foot on the table and straightening that leg out, placing pressure on the hamstring. The quad stretch stretches all 4 of the quad muscles, whereas static stretching will only do 3 of them. Doing it this way also increases blood flow to the muscle. The hamstring stretch hold for no more than 45 seconds at a time and repeat at most 3-4 times.

Then you're ready to run your route. Start slow, slower than you think you can run and try to maintain short choppy strides and try not to slam your foot on the surface. By now, your legs will be completely loose and there's no shot of those muscles "pulling up" on your shin area/tissue.

Consider ab stretght as well, because this affects your quads/hamstrings.

This may take some time to get used to, which is why when I started this routine I ran slower and less distance, and I did it all on soft surfaces. The shin pain went away forever.

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