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You can do it! Definitely stay positive and take small steps to healthy changes :)

First, don't do anything extreme like crash diets or crazy exercise routines. Things like this MIGHT help you lose weight quickly, but you will be likely to gain it back, and your energy level will be pretty terrible! You don't want that!

I would suggest finding some kind of simple exercise that you don't mind (or even enjoy) doing. Even just walking is great to start with. You don't need to be able to do lots of push ups! I am not good at push ups myself, but I work on it. I actually like to do push ups on my knees instead, and I just do more of them. My wrists cramp up a lot and get pains, so this puts less pressure on them for me. With time, you can add more to your routine. I started with walking, then began jogging, then running, as I got better at it. I also like using 10 pound weights that I bought (pretty inexpensive from a sports store), or even 5 pound weights for starting out. You can do various exercises with them. Maybe you can look up some good basic exercise moves with weights online or buy a fitness magazine. A mix of weights and cardio is great. You can do some ab exercises too, but most of getting a flat stomach is diet and cardio exercise, to burn off the fat over the abs.

For your eating, try making simple changes first. Some people start with getting rid of sodas, candies, and various junk food. Definitely do this gradually so you don't get discouraged and feel deprived. Find healthy foods that you enjoy very much. Never eat TOO little or it will slow down your metabolism. You can count calories if you want, but it does take some effort. You can find an online calorie counting tool (there are free ones) to use to make it easier. I usually go with 1200-1500 when trying to lose weight. Overall, I try to eat some lean protein, healthy carbs, fruits, and veggies. I have some treats, but I try to never make them a main part of a meal.

Back when I was around your age, I wore about 2 sizes larger than I am now. I stopped eating so many snacks (I ate too many, and they were things like chips- not healthy things), ate reasonable meals, and I started exercising. I took a dance class one year (5 times a week for about 45 minutes) and then joined a gym and took classes there or used the machines. I started to lose weight doing all of this and gained a LOT of confidence!! It takes time to lose weight the healthy way. I lost a max of 2 pounds per week, but usually 1 pound or even less.

Best of luck to you :)

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