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Couple of things. First off, it probably is much better to workout or run first thing in the morning. You will be less prone to injury. Muscle stiffness is not necessarily a bad thing at all, because of their rigidity, you will be less likely to have and overstretching or overuse injury. Depends on what type of exercise. If you're running, you don't want really loose muscles because they lose their supporting ability. That's why when we run, for warmup we jog slowly for the first 10 minutes or so and that's good enough.

On the cardiovascular system? Nope. When you burn fat stores or more likely glycogen stores instead, you teach your body energy expenditure management, which is really a good thing. Also, your fat-burning ability (likely to take place long after your workout) will increase throughout the day. There are oxidative by-products to intense exercise, but not so much for purely aerobic exercises.

The other thing, unless you exercise aerobically for more than 40 minutes, you won't draw on fat, you'll draw on stored glycogen. The fat burns later on in the day from your increased metabolism.

Bottom line is that you can exercise before breakfast and if done aerobically, no damage to cardiovascular system and green tea is fine. Caffeine actually can force your body to draw on fat stores during exercise earlier, by initiating beta-oxidation of fat cells that are available for energy. This can prolong your workout because fat provides more energy than glycogen.

Should you do really intense exercise, then yes you'd have to eat something prior, but I don't think that's what you're doing.

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