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Male, 5’10”, 190 lbs, 37 years-old.

My goals are:

-Lose 15 more pounds over the next 6 months (I’ve lost ~7 over the past two months by counting calories)

-Improve my situps and pushups

-Train for a mountain “climb” (really an endurance hike over two days) for next summer – focus will be endurance, leg strength, and core strength

-Improve my 2-mile run time

-I want to be leaner and stronger. I don't care about bulk, but do want to eb stronger.

I don’t smoke, have a bad diet (don’t over-eat, just eat mostly meats and cheeses), and do drink a fair bit – but in moderation. My calorie intake is fine and has helped me lose some weight.

I work out 4-5 days per week. I never do any lifting on the weekend, although sometimes I do run, so I get rest from the lifting on the weekend:

-LifeFitness machines 2-3 times/week focusing on my upper body (chest and back). 3-4 sets of each, usually one day very hard (4-5 sets) and possibly, if time is tight, one or two days lighter.

-LifeFitness machines every day I work out doing abs (the crunch machine with lots of weight and the rotating ab machine). 3-4 sets of each.

-LifeFitness for my legs: a few times/week (this is one of my questions)

-Stairmaster 2-3 times/week: 30 minutes twice, 45 minutes once. Soon I want to start carrying weights while doing the Stairmaster to prepare for the mountain climb.

-Run 1-2 times/week, usually 2 miles as fast as I can with building speed. Sometimes I get occasional longer runs in (3-5 miles). I have run a few half-marathons in the past but am not preparing for a long run now so am sticking with shorter runs to improve my run time and using the Stairmaster for my longer endurance training.

One of my biggest problems is time -- between work and my family, I am pushed to work out this much. I want to be sure I'm working out effectively and efficiently.

Specific questions:
-Legwork. Every day that I work out I do the Stairmaster or run. Should I also do legwork on those days? Should I workout my legs every day a lot (3-4 sets on each machine)? A light workout (e.g., one set on each machine)? Can I work my legs too much?

-Core. Right now I do 3-4 sets on two different ab machines every day that I work out. Every day. I also do back extensions, although usually I usually alternate a heavy day (3-4 sets) and a light day (1 set). Can I work my abs too much? How much rest should I give them?

Any suggestions on working out better to meet my goals?

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