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Hello folks, first post here.

Background: I'm a 27 years old male weighing 200 lbs, height 6 feet.

Back in May I weighed 240 lbs. Through exercise and better eating, I am now around 200. For the past month I've started to concentrate more on weights, including upping my protein intake.

My goals are to build lean muscle (i.e. I don't want to look like Vin Deasel haha I still want to be able to scratch my own back). I still have a gut, and my arms are more flab than muscle. I'm looking to rectify that.

I work out at home with some cardio machines (treadmill, elliptical, jumprope) and some free weights (dumbbells ranging from 35 lbs to 45 lbs).

In talking with muscular friends / acquaintances who hit the gym often, I've been following a diet and exercise plan for the past two weeks. [B]This is what it looks like and I would like you folks to comment on it[/B] (is it good, is it bad, what else can be added, etc), keeping in mind that I work out at home.

[B]Monday - Wednesday - Friday[/B]
1) 20 min elliptical + 10-15 min jumprope (cardio just to get the blood flowing)

2) Bicep curls - 10 sets of 5 reps (alternating between 35 lbs dumbbell and 40 lbs dumbbell - can't lift the 45 lbs dumbbell yet) - my "mistake" here has been that when I do the curls I bring my arms only halfway back down (so that they're perpendicular to my legs) rather than bringing them all the way down to my sides and then lifting them again.

3) Dumbbell squats - 8 sets of 5 reps (alternating between 2 dumbbells of 35 lbs (meaning 70 lbs total) and 45 lbs (meaning 90 lbs total)

4) 150-250 pushups - keeping my thumbs about 1-2 inches apart

5) Dips - 10 sets of 5 reps.

That's it. Been thinking of including dumbbell bench presses

[B]My diet everyday looks like this[/B]:

6 boiled eggs (whites only)
multivitamins (Animal Pak from GNC)
whole grain bread

3 hours later:
1 can of chicken

3 hours later:
1 can of chicken + 1 glass of whey protein

On workout days:
creatine tablet (once before workout, once after workout)
2 glasses of whey protein after workout
1 can of chicken for dinner

On non-workout days:
1 can of chicken + 2 glasses of whey protein (in addition to what you see above the "on workout days" line)

During the day I also munch on almonds, eat 1-2 bananas, and drink a lot of water.

My daily protein intake is about 265 grams, which is because I've been told that to build muscle I should be taking in about 125% to 150% of protein in relation to my weight, so since I weigh 200 lbs I'm taking about 250-270 grams of protein (making it between 125% to 150% of my weight).

So there it is. I did weights last night, so my arms are sore, which is a good thing I suppose.

My goals are to build lean muscle but to also have bigger arms and a six pack. I'm trying to lose fat (which is different than losing weight) while building muscle, and to do that I've been doing a slight caloric deficit while making sure everything I eat is high in protein and low in carbs.

I work out every other day, so right now it's Monday - Wednesday - Friday. I understand that muscles need rest in order to build. However, how much rest is enough? 24 hours? 48? Can I do some weight exercises on one day and then 24 hours later (rather than 48 hours later) do different weight exercises? Or would that be overdoing it?

So what do you folks think? Am I on the right track? Do I need to subtract or add anything?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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