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Speed is not the difference between running and walking, as you will have noticed if you watched the olympics where the winners of the walking marathon will have easily finished in times most of us could only dream of running it.
Basically ignore the speed you are acheiving and focus on technique and breathing instead. Pace will increase if technique is there and you have the oxygen to fuel your run, but techique and air will not improve by going faster.

Breathing needs to be very relaxed and feel natural on distance running, if you have to force it, slow down. This may mean you are running slower than you can walk initially but consider that there is far more impact in running which messes with your breathing.

I am a natural distance runner and used to place quite high in the races I competed in when I was focussed on this type of event. Unlike many in that situation, when someone told me they could improve my technique but it would cost me up to a year of competetive times, I went for it.
Running is a hard thing for many to accept they do wrong, most of us have run since early childhood and assume we must do it well. Many of us don't.
People get stupid phrases in their heads like 'get those knees up' and others equally as dangerous.
Running is a series of low jumps to move us forward at pace.
Good techique is marked by the following.
Feet skim just above the ground, increasing efficiency and reducing impact.
All energy is directed forward, or in direction of travel. If your arms, knees, feet etc are going sideways or diagonally you will be wasting energy and risking injury. This was my error, my hands crossed my body when I ran, this meant my upper body power, such that it was, directed me sideways and I was twisting my knee joint without realising.
Ensure you support what needs to be supported. Both genders have body parts that are painful if left to swing wildly. Get well fitted sports bra if female and ensure the family jewels are held in place if male. I have once tried running in loose boxers, when one teste stayed forward and the other got trapped between my legs it brought my run to a stop and tears to my eyes.
Look at your shoes, you want to see most wear on the outsides of your heals and the big toe, with reasonable wear on the outer edge, but not nearly as much as those areas. If you find this is exactly what you have, great you have correct strike pattern. I was proud to find this was the case with me, then I was told, the majority of people do naturally, and my bubble was burst.

If you are running well and breathing relaxed at 3mph it is better for you than running badly and struggling to breath at 6, 9 or 12mph.

I am slower than I used to be because I decided I wanted to be bigger and this meant carrying more weight, and that will slow you down over a distance no matter if it's fat or lean mass. I don't worry too much about this, but I am always focussed on how well i am running, knowing this is the key point.

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