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Hi everyone!

Been reading other peoples posts on these forums and it looks like a great place to get answers/support.

Basically, for the last 2 months or so now, I've been suffering from what I can only describe as pretty bad anxiety, sleeping problems, irritability, palpitations, panic attacks etc etc. I'm a 26 yr old female, in good health normally.

Some background info on myself, I work 9-6 as a web developer, stressfull but I wouldnt say too much so.

About 2 years ago I thought it was time to try and get in shape, so I joined my local gym and since then pretty much have been going 3/4 times a week and felt great!

About 6 months ago, I decided to crank it up a notch and tried this program called P90X, for those that don't know its an extreme home fitness program which works of 5/6 workouts a week..a day rest...and then repeats.
It carries on like this for 3 months, and while now I look back and think it was a ridiculous amount of exercise, it certianly did put me in the best physical shape of my life.

Now here comes the problem, I did a second round of P90X, and thats when the health issues started to arise.

Aside from the exercise, I do freelance work when I can, and also am working part time at OU studying for an astronomy degree. So it's fair to say I was pretty much burning the candle at both ends for months!

So basically...2 months back...all these anxiety issues started cropping up.
The MAIN problem being and this is how the whole thing began, I fall asleep, wake up about an hour later i.e. 1:30am ish, completely wide awake and alert, and then for the life of me cannot get back to sleep till about 4am. Over a few days this really started to take its toll at work, anxiety got worse due to lack of sleep, dizzy spells etc, but I took that mostly to be from sleep deprivation.

Eventually I decided to cut out the exercise, and really take it easy. No freelance work, green teas, stopping any studying/computer usage after 9pm etc.

Slowly but surely, my sleep pattern did seem to return to some sort of normality. Thinking I'd learned my lesson, I decided to try and SLOWLy get back into a healthy exercise regime of 2/3 times a week. (NEVER going back to 6 days a week...but do want to keep fit)

So I headed to the gym, did 15 mins if HIIT treadmill, and some leg work.

That same night, even though I hit the gym at 9am in the morning...bamn! Same thing again, woke up really alert, could not sleep.

This exact issue has happened 3 times now...where I workout early in the morning, then cannot sleep at night. So I feel it in my gut i know its somehow related to high intensity cardio work.

I know this is a long post, but wanted to give as much information as I could.
I've had my blood tested for Iron, blood count, liver, T4, T3, glucose levels, and a few other said im fine...perfectly healthy.

But you know what I just know there is something off, not saying anything serious, but I know my body well enough to know that I am deficient in SOMETHING and it is having obvious consequences.

I have cut out exercise completely for now, but I really dont want to do that either.

I'd like to add I visited a herbal doctor (if you believe in that stuff, I do) and he told me my hormones we're all over the place and I had hyperthyroidism. This did not show up on blood tests, but, the symptoms seemed to reflect my own! Is it possible for hyperthyroidism to be missed in tests??

I really appreciate any advice anyone can give...ideas on what it could be..supplements etc etc.

Thanks so much

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