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[QUOTE=Correctusage;5148656]I am a 30 year old female. I have about 7 pounds to lose (to prevent the beginning of letting my weight get out of control, like my relatives have..) At 20 - I could drop 5 pounds like it was nothing. I would buckle down, resign myself to health nut eating and work out every day for an hour, at least. I LOVED it! I used to exercise everyday simply because I felt it was simply a part of my life.

Fast forward to late 20s - Developed severe IBS-D out of nowhere. I stopped exercising because I dropped a lot of weight and lost all energy. I started eating up to 3,000 calories per day because none of it stuck. It was awesome (Apart from the constant toilet time and the effects it had on lifestyle.)

Currently - I'm married to a guy who is naturally toned and has the will power to resist temptation. He loves me too much to deny me chocolates and ice cream when I ask sweetly. My IBS-D has miraculously improved about 70% over the past 6 months (Yay!). My appetite remains ravenous, and now the weight is sticking! I went from being 10 pounds under my usual weight to ten pounds over it in about 4 months. That's a 20 pound increase in a short time frame, even if it doesn't sound like a lot. Every week my weight stays the same or goes up half a pound lately.

There's a history of obesity in my family. My mom is very overweight and has never believed in exercise or healthy eating. My dad is a health nut and is extremely fit. I need to stop this weight gain asap, or I fear I will get so far above comfort that it will only get harder to lose it later.. and then I may not try at all, just like my mom and my relatives.

HERE'S THE REAL ISSUE - Suddenly, I LOATHE exercise! I dread moving, even if it's just walking my dogs for ten minutes. Every thing is hard for me, like my legs are made of lead and have lost all muscle. This is despite sticking stringently to a Power 90 program and walking/light jogging on the treadmill every so often over the past 2 months. Nothing improves like it used to. I have exercise induced asthma, which is something I used to enjoy as a challenge. LOL! Not anymore.

Diet - I can't get myself under control! Just like when I was very sick, I want to eat and eat and eat constantly. I have out-eaten my 6 foot tall husband daily for the 3 years we've been together, in fact. I know the eating is a habit I developed when it was a sickly free-for-all with no consequences, and now I cannot break this dumb habit.

Can anyone commiserate?
I wish everyone the best! :)[/QUOTE]

Hi There,

Good to hear that your IBS has cleared least that is one thing you don't have to worry about anymore.
At the same time, it seems you have developed some bad eating habits due to the IBS, meaning you could eat basically what you wanted with no weight gain.

As we age, our metabolism does start to slow down a bit, which means we have to watch more closely what we eat and watch portion sizes as well as being more physically active.

A few suggestions with respect to eating~~ Try having a big tall glass of water [I]before /I] a meal. Have a filling salad before your main course or a healthy soup. Salad is full of tummy filling fibre so you will eat less of your main course.

Chew slowly; stop eating when you are about 80% full; have small healthy snacks throughout the day so you are not famished when meal time comes.
I love snacking on fruit or a few almonds and raisins mixed together.

As you get used to eating less, your stomach will shrink and you will not be so famished as you once used to be. There will be an adjustment period.

A few suggestions with respect to exercising~~ When you stop excercising, your muscles atrophy (shrink). You know the old saying "If you don't use it; you lose it", well it's true!!

Find something that you enjoy doing that gets you moving...whatever it is.
How about swimming?? It is very theraputic; will not aggravate your asthma; will create natural resistance for building your muscles, and you are not creating any pressure or impact on joints as when you run, jog, or even walk.
It's a good way to start exercising again until you build up strength to do more....

Slowly you will see little improvements in your body...ideally you should only be losing 1-2 lbs per week.

Good luck!

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