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Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself:

I used to be really active. I used to walk around a lot, I walked everywhere when I was younger.
When I started working, I rode my bike everywhere.
When I quit my job, I learned how to spin poi, and that was my new thing to keep me active.
Now I'm the laziest person I've ever been in my life.
I work in a salon, I don't even like being there. Not because I don't like what I do, but something else in my brain is going on.
I breathe in toxic fumes all day from all the chemicals I work with, but I can live with that.
I come home from work every day though and I'm either too busy running errands to get exercise, feeling too tired and exhausted from being on me feet all day to motivate myself to go for a walk,. or something.
I work 8-11 hour days, but it doesn't matter how long I've been working, when I come home, I feel like I don't want to do *anything*. It's so sad to see myself be this way, and to just blame it on getting old. I want to feel young again, and have my energy back, which is why I want to start exercising more..
I'm stuck in this loop of "I should exercise, so I feel better." and "My legs hurt, I don't want to move."

I went for a walk today, and my knees hurt, which normally doesn't happen. I'm thinking I just need new shoes again, but that's only going to solve one of my issues. The big issue for me right now is mental motivation.

I started to be lazy, because a couple years ago, I ran into a long lost friend that I haven't seen in a while, and we started hanging out again. He would never let me spin my poi when I was around him, and would even hide them from me and tell me he doesn't know where they are. I hung out with him way too frequently, and what used to be a routine for me wasn't anymore. He was a very controlling person, and when I finally got away from him, I became somewhat depressed, because he tried to supress everything I like to do. At first, everything we did was always cool, but eventually, things started to have to be his way all the time.

The only routine I've had for the past year and a half was go to school in the morning and work at night, no time for exercise, except the bike ride to get there and back, which was nice. eventually i got a scooter, and never replaced my exercise. It's a challenge to get myself back into a routine of things, I feel like it shouldn't be hard, but somehow I'm struggling with it.

I don't know if there's any advice anyone can give me, but at the very least, maybe venting will help give me the motivation I need, because I've never taken the opportunity to voice myself about this issue I'm having.

I don't know what else to say right now, but I might say more later. I just can't wait to finally feel like my old self again, I used to love the outdoors and going for walks and stuff, I don't really know how I became like this, I never like to leave home anymore.

I just need some push out the door sometimes. lol

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