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... i do have alittle bit of flab but not that much . I was strong and doing exercise everyday but then like 1.5 weeks ago i started getting chest pain. i'm in pain most days now. any movement causes sharp pain . can't jog, box, nothing cause it hurts baaaad. ... (3 replies)
... I think you just gotta condition yourself. I haven't heard of exercise killing anyone and I know tons of doctors recommend it because it does help improve your cardio health. Just make sure you are eating properly, and getting a good rest. ... (5 replies)
... thanks so much Naxis! i really really appreciate this. you have no idea! ... (8 replies)

... intain, it's not healthy. And if you plan to gain any lean muscle, that will add to your overall weight, even though it will not increase your bulk or fluff. You can still be light and lean, I'm just saying don't get too caught up on the numbers. The scale is not a good gauge of progress. ... (8 replies)
... I need to accomplish 1.5 miles in under 15 minutes by next year and I'm currently at 20 minutes, I jog everyday but just had a I push my heart to it's limits to where I just can't take it anymore during jogging? ... (5 replies)
... I need to accomplish 1.5 miles in under 15 minutes by next year and I'm currently at 20 minutes, I jog everyday but just had a I push my heart to it's limits to where I just can't take it anymore during jogging? ... (17 replies)
... Hi, I need some help figuring out what my workout aim should be to lose weight. I'm currently 165 lbs., 5'2, 18 years old, and female. I was 180 but I lost 15 in these past 3 weeks. I'm doing the Atkins diet and everyday I jog with a goal of burning 300 calories. ... (5 replies)
... lbs. I can't afford a gym, so that leaves me with pushups, crunches and squats. I can always jog for an hour too. ... (5 replies)
... I got this absurd pain in my legs at 2am last night and it felt as if my bones were aching. I used to jog everyday for around 1 year and have stopped running as much since 2 months ago although I am still quite active, has this anything to do with it? ... (5 replies)
... I hope so because thats what I hae been doing for a little over a week now. I go on my treadmill for 30 minutes everyday. I walk one minute and run the next minute. I have been doing this for 7 days now and have lost 3 pounds. I can't believe how good I feel after every workout. ... (4 replies)
... exercise is not the much of a struggle, especially after I am warmed up and then maybe a day later I will do a lower intensity exercise or a shorter workout and I can barely get one foot in front of the other before I want to sit down to catch my breath and such. ... (1 replies)
... P Try to run an hour after you eat if you can wait a little longer thats even better. Wait and hour after your workout to eat too. Have foods high in protein before and after any workouts. ... (21 replies)
... Well, I have a great knowledge of pushups and situp and many other grueling forms of physical punishment from having been in the army. PT everyday was oh so much fun. ... (6 replies)
... stay in shape....I see many heavy folks jogging everyday. I started running when I was about 180lbs. Sure, it wasn't easy... ... (5 replies)
... out world. I've worked out sporadically over the years , but now I am determined to be consistent. I think that is really the only way to see results. My question is my heart rate. I can walk on the treadmill at 3. ... (2 replies)
... This is my exercise schedule... I would like to know if I am doing too much? ... (4 replies)
Ab products
Aug 23, 2002
... bodybuilders can workout their muscles everyday, but that wouldn't benifit them, you're trying to apply this theory to something it's not relavent to. ... (25 replies)
Newbie Advice
Feb 14, 2005
... Thanks for the quick response, if i follow that for 30 minutes everyday, about how long do you think it will take before i can jog comfortably for the full 30 minute period? ... (3 replies)
Feb 8, 2001
... Hey All I'm about to buy a treadmill and would like to know if anyone has any advice on how many miles i should do on it each day to see results. ... (1 replies)
... I'm fairly fit and have exercised more or less my whole life. Last August I started exercising more vigorously. I started to jog on treadmill regularly for the first time. I always hated running because I got tired very fast when I was a kid. ... (3 replies)

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