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... even though your legs may be developed where you don't think you need to work them, you still should. There's a difference between weight training strength and being toned from constant running. ... (8 replies)
Is this good?
Feb 8, 2005
... ya imo you don't need to focus solely on one group per day. ... (12 replies)
... The way i been lifting is first set do a moderate weight 1 set with 12 reps. Second set, higher weight with 10 reps. ... (14 replies)

What do I do?
Apr 1, 2004
... Well, at 105 and 5'3", I would say you need not worry about bodyfat percentages. What you are eating sounds pretty decent. ... (1 replies)
... It is going to take longer than 2 months for any real results. Also if you can add another day or two to your routine you would be a lot better off. I do not think it matters what group of muscles you work as long as you start with the largest muscles first and the smallest last. ... (4 replies)
What can I do?
May 27, 2004
... but you need to sort of mimmick the fast and hard movement that a throw requires, only with weight. ... (4 replies)
... more visible abs then you need to get a good supply of protein each day. ... (3 replies)
... c I"m usually running errands and stuff. I do have my ocassional slip ups though. ... (9 replies)
... Try dropping the isolation exercises and going back to compound movements for awhile. Bench Press Military Press or Clean and Press Chin-ups Wide Grip Chins Upright Rows Bent Over Rows Dips Squats (4 replies)
... Take a good 90 seconds rest between each set. ... (2 replies)
... Can't I just do double the exercise with 5KG? ... (10 replies)
... ks effectively for both men and women. It's very simple. If you add 10lbs, you should've added one inch to your arms. If not, then you need to make changes to your diet and switch up your arm routines. You said you were interested in supplements? ... (7 replies)
... Here's what you do: Monday- Legs/Abs -squats 4 sets of 10 (as much weight as you can handle for 10 reps) -Lunges (hold dumbells in you're hands while performing the movement) -Calf Raises (holding dumbells or on a calf machine) -Leg extensions (on machine) -Leg curls (on hamstring machine) -400 crunches (either laying flat, or with help of machine) (3 replies)
... I agree with eclipse. Do both cardio and weights. ... (3 replies)
... Your muscles need time to repair and grow, so if you are working them out every day its just not going to work, period. ... (5 replies)
Ab workout?
Jun 23, 2003
... I don't see the need to do another round of abs in the eve. Abs can be trained once a day, but 2x might be a little overkill. Let' em rest a bit more. ... (6 replies)
... Now, if you're looking to gain some good muscle mass you need to have a good routine and a good diet, REST and be prepared to stick with it. It may take longer than 10 weeks, but it's well worth it. ... (2 replies)
... BF is about where the abs starts to show. ... (19 replies)
... Britney Spears is a human like the rest of us and has to exercise like the rest of us in order to keep herself in shape! ... (7 replies)
... Bulking and Cutting are really two separate things that you can't do at the same time. ... (2 replies)

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