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... Etc, with Sundays off. But I'm worried that I might be overtaining with this routine. Do you think I should take more time off and only exercise one group per week? ... (6 replies)
To Naxis
May 13, 2002
... Best I can do is tell you what mine is and why, and that can maybe help point you in the right direction. ... (1 replies)
... I rarely know what I will do until I step into the gym! One day might consist of starting out with about 20 minutes on the treadmill, stationary bike or cross trainer. ... (17 replies)

... From the weight training books I've read they recommend that you rest and recover whatever muscle group you've worked for 48 hours so if you work your upper body on Mon you would then lift on Thurs rhose same muscles. ... (8 replies)
Trouble bulking up
Oct 29, 2005
... press or squats. They should be the very first exercise you do in your workout. ... (7 replies)
... Altering your routine can be any one of a number of things to keep your body from adapting to what you are doing. If you do the same thing every day, your body soon adapts to that stress, you stop progressing and unless pushed, your body will only do what is necessary to get by. ... (3 replies)
Jul 2, 2003
... hours sleep every night and giving yourself at least a days rest between workouts. ... (2 replies)
... Cardio, Active Recovery or total rest if I need it. ... (6 replies)
Help with a plan.
Sep 19, 2004
... Hello. I really need help with an exercise plan. ... (2 replies)
Fat loss
May 17, 2003
... you don't necesarily have to eat carbs for your last meal or two of the day, you CAN just eat protein and fat. Unless it's post workout, then you NEED to eat some carbs. ... (6 replies)
... m just looking for any advice, opinions and thoughts on what would be good for me to do to get in amazing shape. ... (3 replies)
... What I need is for someone to tell me if I need to change my routine and what I should do. Plus some information on how my diet should go. ... (4 replies)
... Abs are like any other muscle and need there rest too. Twice per week should be just enough if your using weights. ... (5 replies)
... Well, they are a muscle like all other muscles, so they do need a certain amount of rest to recouperate. But working them more than necessary doesnt do any good anyway. ... (5 replies)
... and nothing beats weight training for sculpting a great physique. Cardio is also needed but if you follow a good diet then cardio can be limited to whatever you need to maintain cardiovascular health. ... (8 replies)
Jul 12, 2003
... o get womens breast symptoms at my age, but now I am currently 16 going on 17 and they stick out like they are developing womens breasts. Is there anything I can do to get rid of them? ... (1 replies)
... hours rest after working out specific body parts. I know that you don't need as much rest time with cardio. You can go 6 days, but its never recommended to do 7. Abs are the same. They say you always need at least one day off. Maybe you need more rest or is the weight maybe a little too heavy? ... (8 replies)
... day rest thing. ... (6 replies)
... s a huge work out. if you start to feel any joint soreness or notice greater fatigue for longer periods after your workouts cut it back a little. your body may need time to adjust and over training is never good. my only suggestion is to maybe seperate back and legs. that is alot of muscle work in one day. ... (2 replies)
... o male. I was 118lbs and 5'8" when I first started lifting. I am now 5'9" and 140lbs. I don't do any cardio since my metabolism is so high that doing so would inhibit muscle gain. ... (10 replies)

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