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... First things first.Its stubborn fat. Even if your slim, you can still have stubborn fat in areas. So you will need to train as if you are loosing weight because exercise is only a part of fixing this problem. ... (4 replies)
... Okay. Following some advice from Naxis, I have revised my workout plan. I originally had about six or seven exercises in each group, and now I've managed to narrow it down quite substantially. ... (1 replies)
... tty tired. My cardio of choice is the elliptical because I have bad knees. I have a treadmill at home and I don't mind using it, but running tends to bother my knees and back a bit. I run a bit here and there just for a change. ... (3 replies)

... None of those will do much about getting rid of fat in any particular area, no matter how hard you exercise. It will only help build up the muscle. To get rid of fat you HAVE TO have a diet low enough in calories to create a daily calorie deficit for your body. ... (14 replies)
... tationary bike. I usually keep the elliptical at 7 or 8 resistance and I think thats why I am getting muscle. Maybe thats too high for me. I like to gauge the workout by strides and calories per minute to figure out how hard I'm working on it, but does the bike burn as many calories per minute? ... (4 replies)
... inute between each set. For cardio I usually do running, jogging, jump roping and a punching bag. I try and cycle between them and not put to much pressure on my knees to often. Usually I try and do cardio at least five days a week. ... (3 replies)
... you may make your lower body more susceptible to injury in sport especially knees and lower back. ... (15 replies)
... ning, step aerobics, rope jumping , sprints,dancing, eliptical machine, stair cimbing, wall climbing. swimming. And it is very important to strecth after every workout to avoid injury and soreness the next day, "in order to continue without delay. ... (14 replies)
... But what you must also consider is your overall weight. If you're overweight all the exercise in the world won't firm up thighs until the additional fat COVERING THE MUSCLE begins to disappear. ... (6 replies)
Input, please?
May 24, 2004
... ups, knees on floor feet up and do some pushups that way. Try to do it in sets of 3. With as many reps you can do with some resistance towards the end. ... (2 replies)
... minutes and pick up the pace until your are sweating. To increase fat burn add in a speed burst for about 1 minute every few minutes. ... (3 replies)
... and by just doing crunches this won't happen. I would lightly recommend also watching your diet. I would watch the carbs and high fat foods. ... (24 replies)
... exercises.. When doing hanging leg raises, you CAN achieve that accordion style flex by curling your trunk more. Just curl your upper torso toward your raising knees and hold. Same with lying leg raises.. ... (15 replies)
... But because of the high demand, that fat alone can't provide, you also burn some muscle. So it's mostly frowned on by bodybuilders. But notice 'mostly'. Cuz if your diet is perfect, I mean spot on.. ... (13 replies)
... three pounds of fat a week at the most, under the most optimal conditions. ... (26 replies)
... If you are walking, make sure your heat rate is up in the fat burning zone. ... (19 replies)
Cardio question
May 24, 2002
... burning 'trend'. Running with kicks and punches will provide better overall muscle toning with fat burning plus the advantage of increasing your balance and awareness. ... (2 replies)
... ups work wonders for me...I know some people say that they dont help or dont give any visual results. Just this week I started a new workout plan. I do about 350 different situps a day. I start out on a decline bench and do 50 straight towards my knees. ... (1 replies)
... it's very possible that the chick you saw had it set on a low resistance level. It's also possible that she has good endurance, even for a fat chick. ... (5 replies)
... wise, thereby placing emphasis on calorie and fat burning. ... (2 replies)

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