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Weird body shape
Oct 7, 2004
... pound male. I have been working out, weights and cardio, for about a month now. My muscle mass is increasing but it was never very much to begin with. My body fat level is going down but i am still flabby around the mid section. ... (3 replies)
... Fat! I would comare my legs to tree trunks or as I heard in a movie once "cankles". ... (9 replies)
... Seperate your upper body an lower body when you workout. Why? ... (9 replies)

Muscle Building
Jun 25, 2002
... For your split, an upper and lower body staggered every couple days isn't the best way to do it, in my humble opinion. ... (17 replies)
Who's right ?
Aug 8, 2001
... initely agree with several others who have said that seated calf raises are great. Most leg press machines can also be used for calves if you position your feet lower on the board. ... (15 replies)
... body fat weekly or so. ... (5 replies)
New to the gym
Jun 4, 2004
... eantime, you will be building muscle mass by lifting and eating right. Eating right will help you lose bodyfat as well as you cut the sugars, up the protein and lower your carbs. ... (2 replies)
... Core" often refers to abdominal and lower back muscles, although it could also include everything other than your arms and legs. ... (2 replies)
... There is no such thing as "spot reducing". The body will take fat from where ever to burn as energy while exercising. Generally, it is the last put on will be the first to go... ... (2 replies)
... and focus on your body composition. If you're going to burn fat you are going to lose weight. Not necessarily muscle. ... (5 replies)
Dec 15, 2004
... u can't spot train to lose weight in a particular area. Think of you body like a blown up balloon. You can't just let air out of part of it, like the top part or lower part. If you let air out, it's out of the whole balloon. Same way with your body and fat. ... (5 replies)
... the only reason i mentioned a protein shake is because it's easy and convenient to make. it's not a magical solution to fat loss, just a way to get in an extra meal. ... (9 replies)
Fat loss
May 17, 2003
... Don't be afraid of fat, you NEED fat in order to BURN fat. You need to turn your body into a fat burning machine. In order to do this, you keep your carbs fairly low and your fat intake moderate. ... (6 replies)
... Do not measure your progress solely by weight or BMI. If you exercise, you may gain muscle, which would cause your weight to increase, or mask the effects of fat loss if you just look at the scale. But muscle gain is healthy, so you should not avoid it. ... (6 replies)
... ning" your body. It forces your body to work harder to burn the bodyfat as energy while exercising but upping your metabolism. This is the only way to lose the fat in your arms and back. Also keep the butt you want. ... (3 replies)
... Like someone else said here as well, your going to need cardio work as well to burn fat and calories. ... (5 replies)
... Going for longer sessions keeps your body tapping into fat stores for fuel. I believe it's best to do cardio first thing in the morning or a couple hours after your last meal. ... (1 replies)
... late teens. Breasts are made up of fat cells as well as milk glands. Women who lift weights find their breasts reduced in size. I know some who have done this as an alternative to breast reduction. ... (5 replies)
... Last night was my leg workout and to my suprise I was touching my legs while I was doing the machines and wow...I have developed wicked muscles. I guess I just can not see it normally because of the fat over it. ... (3 replies)
... Secondly, walking just involves the lower portion of the body, the legs. ... (5 replies)

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