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... That probably won't happen, but if you do some lower body resistance training and build up a little muscle in the legs and rear end, when you lose weight you will look more proportional. ... (2 replies)
How much cardio
Oct 7, 2004
... In order to loose the fat and tone more cardio is necessary! Experts say 30 min 5 days a week is good! You could do shorter spurts of cardio all depending on how strenous you make it. ... (8 replies)
Help with a plan.
Sep 22, 2004
... and back as the last 5 lbs of belly fat melts away. ... (2 replies)

... I have a similar build in that I also have broad shoulders, narrow hips and slender legs...with no butt to speak of. My fat is mostly in my stomach still... ... (5 replies)
... Squats is the "Queen" of the complex "core" exercises as this targets the legs, butt, lower back and shoulders. ... (2 replies)
... m doing about 60 flights of stairs and some floor work on legs. I have recently started using some resistance but not much. I am wanting to lose about 5lbs. of fat first then I will try to gain lean muscle. I have sagging tummy skin due to having two kids and I have the dreaded saddle bags and some lower back fat. ... (10 replies)
... Running won't make your legs bulky. ... (7 replies)
... Remember though you will not lose the fat as fast as if you were dieting for it but yes you have it right. As for the walking you reminded me about an interesting point... ... (14 replies)
... I look a lot skinnier than I am because I have a long upper body with wide shoulders, and long arms. I want my upper body to be proportionate with my lower body and definately need to build mass. ... (4 replies)
... Try 3 exercises per muscle group, 3 to 5 sets each, 8 to 15 reps per set. You can pretty easily adjust this to whatever works best for you. Heavier weight, lower reps to build more muscle. Lower weight, higher reps for maintenance. ... (5 replies)
... minutes and pick up the pace until your are sweating. To increase fat burn add in a speed burst for about 1 minute every few minutes. ... (3 replies)
... This is not overtraining, but you have no back routine. You MUST incorperate the back for symmetry and balance as well as to prevent injury. Your workout looks fine once you add a back routine in there. If you plan to cut, you should defintely add some cardio, but be careful not to lose too much muscle or all the bulking was in vain. HIIT is great to this end, or do... (6 replies)
Jan 3, 2007
... so you cant isolate them from one can target the hard to get lower region by an excercise that is initiated by bringing your hips towards your rib cage. ... (1 replies)
Ab products
Aug 15, 2002
... roller for the risk of the lower back. ... (25 replies)
... OK first point has been raised by another already but in order to burn fat most effectively you need to burn more energy. ... (6 replies)
... You are doing everything right. Especially the squats and lunges. Try some weighted ones as well. But it takes time. Your legs will get into shape, but it may not be by the time you want them to. But they will look better than they are now. Just keep doing what you are doing. ... (5 replies)
... but I can keep up my treadmill exercise for an hour. I generally vacillate between a 4.5 and 4.2 rate and use a pretty steep incline. I'm looking to burn both fat and calories. Fat because of my legs and calories because I refuse to go any lower cal and healthy with my diet than I currently am. ... (12 replies)
... Sounds like you're doing good with your eating habbits. Heres some specific foods, the protein foods will help with your muscle gaining efforts, and the others are good for carbohydrates and are low in fat, sugar, and sodium (which are 3 things you want to eat less of). So stay away from cake, cookies, candy, and all that stuff. Protein-Turkey breast, chicken breast, tuna,... (13 replies)
... an protein and snack on a lot of fruit. Doing this, as well as cardio exercise, flattened my abs. Now all of my crunches have paid off. I used to have a layer of fat over my abs and now it's finally coming off due to the cardio and diet. ... (4 replies)
... I apologize for the re-post, but I'm really looking for feedback & ways to improve my workout routine. I've edited my previous post a little. I think I'm working out too much. I joined a gym in mid-April. Iíve been going pretty much every day since. I can only count a few days that Iíve missed. My goal is to tone (get rid of the fat/cellulite on my upper legs, firm up... (10 replies)

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