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... well flabby muscle by that i geuss u meen a bodybuilder whos in his bulking cycle. in my oppinion his muscles will look bigger but not at good as someone who is cut. ... (3 replies)
... For example if you have a person who is like 180lbs., but are very ripped and cut in thier muscles compared to a person 200lbs. with flabby muscle, the person thats ripped will look bigger right? ... (3 replies)
... uscles. Genetics determine the shape of the muscle, but training is what gives you more solid mass. And it wouldn't cause you to burn fat faster anyway. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. Working with what you have will get the job done. ... (5 replies)

... How do you know if flabbiness is muscle or fat? ... (2 replies)
... The flab is actually not fat but flabby muscles. Fat is never hard. When you lost all this weight you uncovered muscle tissue that has not been exercised to make firm. That's what you need to do now. Do some weight training in addition to cardio to firm up your muscles. ... (6 replies)
... BAM, it looks like I gained 30 pounds. My thighs are still a little flabby but I don't care about them so much...I have a ring of fat around my midsection and hips that is also very annoying. ... (10 replies)
Body of a fighter!
Jan 19, 2006
... For the record, that isn't what I said. Bodybuilders aim for mass, so they lift heavy - and of course it isn't flabby. Weight training/resistance training is still consistent stress on the muscle, thus tone. I was addressing the posters question of tone without mass (which is how I perceive a fighter's body to typically look). (13 replies)
Help! I am flabby!
Jul 23, 2010
... when I have dieted to the extreme and weighed 110 lbs I was still out of shape. I don't want to get all beef cake muscular, in fact I don't really care for much muscle definition I just don't want to be flabby. ... (5 replies)
Flabby arms
Nov 11, 2005
... It sounds like you are at the stage where you will see muscle if you work it since you can see definition in your other ares. ... (2 replies)
Flabby arms
Nov 11, 2005
... Like all girls, i dont like how my arms look when they shake. I have been working out my arms with weight, and i'm seeing muscle showing on my deltoid and bicep but i dont really see my tricep. Is it because it's covered by fat? ... (2 replies)
... mass, you are constantly increasing reps, sets, and weight to increase the stress levels and force adaptation from the muscle. So you do have to get some sort of muscle tone on the way to muscle building, but it's not really important beyond the initial conditioning phase. ... (1 replies)
... They won't "turn to fat" but the muscle will get flabby and soft so aesthetically, it's very similar. Arie's right though. Once you've built muscle, maintaining muscle tone is pretty easy. You still have to make a commitment to work out, but you don't necessarily have to lift heavy all the time. ... (5 replies)
... My main aim is to get some muscle on my chest. But at the moment its all abi..well..flabby? ... (0 replies)
... The only way to lose muscle is to not exercise those muscles and there will be "muscle wasting", meaning that the muscle will eventually become less taught and flabby. ... (2 replies)
... i dont weight train anymore, but i did use the hamstring curl and the leg extention (the biggest cause). i started walking on a treadmill lately...does that help? i use free weights on my arms and that works, but how do you use them on your legs? do you mean like hold weights when i lunge? my calves are fine, its just the thighs that need slimming. thanks for responding! :) (12 replies)
... Strength training does not thin areas, it builds muscle which usually does and should make your muscles hypertrophy (grow). That is the point. If you want thinning, you have to decrease your body fat through cardiovascular exercise and healthy eating. If you stop your training all together, the muscles will begin to atrophy (get smaller). However this will affect your... (12 replies)
... ave decent strength in my legs, but my arms and chest are kind of pathetic. I'm just a little bulgy in the belly region, and I suspect I'm starting to develope a flabby face. ... (1 replies)
... but I want to look defined and cut. That may be impossible. I probably need to loose more fat. So that is my question. How can I loose more fat and keep the muscle that I have.....or even build more muscle. Also I am having a lot of trouble trying to tone and get rid of fat of the back of my thighs and buttocks...... ... (6 replies)
... nothing seems to work unless the diet is in check. However, it seems that no matter what I do or eat, there is a muscle right underneath my breast bone that is really sticking out. ... (0 replies)
... I understand the whole muscle and resistance thing. ... (14 replies)

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