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... Actually, after you do an exercise for a while the burn will never be as strong as the first time. It gradually lessens with each workout. ... (3 replies)
... ------------------ Keep your body lean, your blood clean and your mind sharp. -Rollins (8 replies)
... workout shake, eat lunch a couple hours later, then head off to work. Things went well and I made good gains just using free weights. ... (3 replies)

Any advice?
Oct 1, 2003
... Do AM cardio instead of 30 minutes before and after lifting. ... (2 replies)
Aug 5, 2003
... To be honestly with you, you should be drinking that shake after your workouts. ... (3 replies)
... hrs after a workout and burns calories when ure not even moving...while running is good if your not eating enough ure body jus burns the muscle for energy...and there u go u have more fat...u shud run doing interval training... ... (10 replies)
Naxis please help.
Mar 31, 2006
... you can keep the tuna there at 6, but you want to have the fruit closer to 7. The sugars are what will fuel your workout and if you wait too long, they'll be burned off already. Avoid watermelon because it is very high GI. An apple will give you more sustained energy. ... (14 replies)
... Secondly, protein shakes are designed for post workout consumption, not as a meal replacement. There is NO benefit in consuming one before your workout. Thats silly. Eat chicken at dinner with vegetables. ... (29 replies)
... This is when you need to sit back and take a good look at everything you have done in the past. ... (3 replies)
What to eat?
Oct 9, 2003
... directly after a cardio or weight training routine. This should also be augmented with some simple sugar intake. ... (4 replies)
... The number of calories you consume, depends on how much you work out. If you are eating those foods listed above, workout isn't going to do any good. I know you don't want to hear that, but it's the truth. ... (24 replies)
... perate cycles. If you are primarily trying to lose fat, then your weight training is maintenance only. You can't "be sure" that the calories burned during cardio after weight training are all from fat stores, but weight training does use a lot of carbs, so it's a pretty safe bet that blood sugar is low after training. ... (21 replies)
... No! exercising is far better in the morning, as I said When you do cardio in the morning, your metabolism stays elevated for a period of time after the workout is over. ... (22 replies)
... An easy home workout is certainly not going to do it. ... (15 replies)
... I have been regularly checking this board now for about 6 months and I can tell that a lot of you really know what you are talking about and I appreaciate that you take all this time to help out others. This is why I am hoping that you can help me out. I am on a "be better" kick and that includes reving up and reviving my workout. Me: 5'5"- 160... acctually 159 now (woo... (5 replies)
... bodyfat. So after 2 years I still have my 180lbs of lean body mass but have dropped 15lbs of fat... all while consuming 100 grams of fat per day. ... (3 replies)
... Also, it may be a good idea to keep track of the amount of calories you are taking in and the total amount you are burning. ... (3 replies)
... cal a day... good ones... and bam.. started gaining quality weight... time passes.. i got in a rut and didn't care for a while but didn't gain too much fat after bulkin up to 185 max... that was then.. this is obviously now... ... (6 replies)
... Assuming your goal is to burn fat, there are two times when you should work out. Either first thing in the morning before breakfast or after a weight training session. ... (8 replies)
... daily. I don't cheat. I started doing cardio 5 evenings a week for 30 mins coupled with 30 min sessions of weight training 2 evenings a week after my cardio. ... (3 replies)

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